Here I'd like to share my passion for traditional Chinese calligraphy art with you. I have been practicing it since I was six years old, following my grandpa and my mom. I don't think I will become a professional calligrapher ever, but I am satisfied with the mind state of happiness and enjoyment I have everytime I write calligraphy.


Are you looking for a chill experience with creative activityes? Come to my Chinese Art Calligraphy & Painting Workshop. No experience whatsoever is required! (Limited spots for providing good experience)

Cost: 12 Euros for the materials/rent. Donations are greatly appreicated!

Upcoming workshops sign up here (Eindhoven)

21st July 25th August

What could you expect during the workshop?

  • Around 3 hours would be a good time length for this workshop.
  • All the material are provided (painting brush, ink, rice paper, paper, felt canvas...)
  • Brief introduction about the Chinese language and the calligraphy/painting art.
  • Example works are provided (nice Chinese poem or couplets), you can bring back home your own art work!
  • An amazing art and meditating experience with traditional Chinese Guqin music! Very relaxing.

Previous Workshops

Workshop III 2022.06.23 @TU Eindhoven

This time I added Chinese tea tasting before the workshop, it seems like a good choice.

Workshop II 2021.12.04 @TSH

Workshop I 2019.11.10

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