Future Automated Driving: Designing Experience and Human-Vehicle Interaction in the Age of Automation

Ph.D. Program
2020 - present
Future Mobility Group, Industrial Design Department
Eindhoven University of Technology
Promoter: prof. dr. Marieke Martens
Co-promoter: dr. Pavlo Bazilinskyy (previous: prof. dr. Bastian Pfleging)

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Research Topic

Automated vehicles (AVs) are capable of "driving by themselves" under certain restricted conditions, allowing the driver to temporarily disengage from driving and conduct non-driving-related activities. Due to the diversion of attention from the road and lack of anticipation, people may be negatively surprised by the vehicle's actions in normal situations, despite there being no emergencies or takeover requests. Consequently, an important research question revolves around how the vehicle can effectively interact with users, mitigating automation surprise without frequently disrupting their non-driving-related activities. Following the notion of Calm Technology proposed by Mark Weiser in the 90's, I aim to propose new interaction techniques for vehicles in the age of automation.

Process & Portfolio

To envision, research, design, and shape the future of automated driving experience and interaction, my PhD journey has encompassed a series of studies, collaboration projects, and innovative endeavors.

Side-Projects & Exploration

Holistic HMI Design for Automated Vehicles: Bridging In-Vehicle and External Communication (Participatory Workshop)
with Tram Tran, Silvia Cazacu, Pavlo Bazilinskyy, Marius HoggenmĆ¼ller, Debargha Dey, Ruolin Gao, Mervyn Franssen
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Seamlessly Embedding Shape-Changing Buttons into the Leather Fabric of a Car Interior
with Brent Temmink, Miguel Bruns, Simone de Waart